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At Lonza Netherlands, we understand that every product is unique and requires a tailor made solution

We have designed custom solutions for packaging and shipment of multiple cell therapy product applications. We could help you design a custom made configuration.

Capacity reservation & patient treatment scheduling

Lonza Netherlands provides scheduling options that ensure that the manufacturing capacity reservation is tailored to the patient recruitment within your clinical trial.

Packaging & Paperwork

PharmaCell has experience with label design customized to your cell therapy product configuration. Within PharmaCell’s Quality System, a customized cell material collection receipt form as well as receipt confirmation of final product at the clinical site are standardized and available to be implemented in your clinical trial program

Temperature controlled transportation

Lonza Netherlands systems utilize thermal control technologies, such as vacuum insulated panels and phase change materials to maintain product stability in any outside temperature variation. The configuration of refrigerants is calculated individually for each shipment based on product’s temperature requirements and is designed to maintain temperature within specified parameters for a long timespan to allow for any eventuality. Also, the controlled temperature shipments can be maintained at the clinical site in order to prevent temperature variations prior to administration of the product to the patient.

 Shipper validation

All shipment configurations are qualified and can be validated according to the requirements within your logistical program, transportation route and carrying your product.

Product tracking & Courier systems

Your product can continuously be monitored via secured web server. Lonza Netherlands has experience with specialized couriers and also has a dedicated transport by car: only your product is routed from and to the clinical trial location. This dedicated courier is trained to deliver your product to the clinical nurse and arrange the full paperwork.

GMP Certification CMF Geleen

The Geleen Cell Manufacturing Facility was first GMP certified in 2012 by the Dutch authorities (IGZ).

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GMP Certification CMF Maastricht

Our Maastricht Cell Manufacturing Facility was first GMP certified in 2006 and has been successfully inspected by the Dutch Authorities (IGZ) on a regular basis thereafter.

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