Facility capacity

- Lonza Netherlands B.V. -

Lonza Netherlands works with a three-shift program (day-, evening- and night shifts) to offer flexibility to clients and production process timelines. The benefits of around the clock availability of clean room and operating teams are:

  • Increased clean room capacity
  • Possibility to process cell material on same day as collection (in case of short shelf life)
  • Option to respond to needs in manufacturing process 24/7

Lonza Netherlands works with a slot reservation system to have a team ready to manufacture your product. This slot reservation system ensures timely delivery of clinical trial material according to the patient recruitment plan. The slot reservation scheme needs to be committed for a dedicated timeframe and on a rolling forecast basis. Our system offers variability over time to adapt to any changes needed to ramp-up or scale down in manufacturing capacity.

The capacity needs of the client determine the number of operators specifically trained in the manufacturing process of the client’s product. The operators are trained according to a qualification program that shows proof of competency. Only operators trained and qualified are allowed to work with your cells!

GMP Certification CMF Geleen

The Geleen Cell Manufacturing Facility was first GMP certified in 2012 by the Dutch authorities (IGZ).

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GMP Certification CMF Maastricht

Our Maastricht Cell Manufacturing Facility was first GMP certified in 2006 and has been successfully inspected by the Dutch Authorities (IGZ) on a regular basis thereafter.

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