Mission & Strategy

- PharmaCell B.V. -

Our Mission

PharmaCell aims to be the leading center of excellence in Europe.

We hope to contribute to the Cell Therapy Industry to help unlock the potential of cell therapies for the benefit of patients.

Our Strategy

PharmaCell aims to provide flexibility to clients, by

  • Designing a Technology Transfer project to the requirements of the clients
  • Structuring a manufacturing capacity program in line with patient recruitment
  • Having project teams and cleanroom available around the clock (24 hrs)


GMP Certification CMF Geleen

The Geleen Cell Manufacturing Facility was first GMP certified in 2012 by the Dutch authorities (IGZ).

Fact sheet

GMP Certification CMF Maastricht

Our Maastricht Cell Manufacturing Facility was first GMP certified in 2006 and has been successfully inspected by the Dutch Authorities (IGZ) on a regular basis thereafter.

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